Meet Our Guides

REGUA has two excellent local Brazilian bird guides to accompany guests staying at the Lodge - Adilei and Leonardo. Both have an outstanding knowledge of the birds and other wildlife of south-east Brazil, and continue to receive very high praise from guests.

Adilei Carvalho da Cunha

Adilei (photo by Lee Dingain)Born and bred in high Matumbo, adjacent to REGUA, Adilei has always had a deep passion for nature, especially birds. He gained experience of the forest from an early age through hunting with his parents. When REGUA started its activities in 2001, protection of these forests was essential and Adilei, as a known hunter, was invited to become a ranger. He accepted and began working in forest protection and his knowledge gained through hunting was transferred into deterring hunting. Leonardo recognized Adilei's extraordinary capacity to imitate birds and invited Adilei to accompany him on bird surveys, teaching him the names of the birds. Today Adilei is a very experienced bird guide with excellent fieldcraft skills. With Adilei's knowledge of the forest and his ability to imitate birds, guests come away with a unique birdwatching experience in the Atlantic Rainforest. Adilei's English is limited, however, he is learning fast and knows all of the bird names in English and so showing people birds is no problem.

Leonardo Pimentel

Leonardo (photo by Lee Dingain)Leonardo studied veterinary sciences at Teresopolis and used to come to visit REGUA with his teacher, Eduardo Rubião as a student. His passion for birds came at a very young age and when REGUA asked Fábio Olmos, one of Brazil's foremost ornithologists to update the REGUA birdlist, Leonardo jumped at the chance of accompanying him. Upon completing this study, Leonardo's vocation was set. Fábio gave full support and since that time Leonardo has been guiding guests visiting the Reserve. His knowledge of endemic birds and calls is astounding. Leonardo is a quiet and shy fellow, but birding in the Atlantic Rainforest needs care and passion, both of which Leonardo has in excess. Leonardo is also passionate about bird recordings as well as bird photography. Many of his photos adorn this site and you can see more of Leonardo's images on his own website.

Adilei and Leonardos services are very popular and we advise that you book early to avoid disappointment. For our guide rates please click here.