Welcome to Guapi Assu Bird Lodge!

Guapi Assu Bird Lodge is situated in the heart of the Atlantic Forest, or Mata Atlântica, in south-east Brazil. Part of the REGUA project, Guapi Assu Bird Lodge was opened in 2004 to provide high quality accommodation for visitors to the reserve. The Lodge is non-profit making, with all income generated going towards our conservation work.

The Lodge is beautifully situated on a small hill at the edge of the restored wetlands, overlooking the forested Serra dos Órgãos mountains. Guests have access to low and high altitude forest and the reserve wetlands and we run excursions to a variety of other habitats for species not found at REGUA.

The Atlantic Forest is one of the most threatened biomes on earth with only 7% of the forest remaining. Classified by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area and Endemic Bird Area, the Atlantic Forest supports about 680 of Brazil's 1,700 or so bird species and contains some of the highest endemism of any biome on earth, with 199 bird species found nowhere else.

To date over 455 bird species have been recorded at REGUA including 62 Brazilian endemics and 118 Atlantic Forest endemics.

Brazilian Tanager (Photo by William Price) Green-headed Tanager (Photo by Lee Dingain)